Living the Now

We live in an age of constant motion, moving from one activity to the next with little room to think, no space to wander. Constantly besieged by a waterfall of information about: what’s going on, what our friends are up to, what people we don’t know are up to, what Beyoncé’s up to. It’s no wonder we live in the age that diagnosed the widespread phobia n.k.a. FOMO. We know about everything, and we don’t want to miss the good stuff.

Of course, overwhelming choice is a high-class problem; but it’s a problem nonetheless. Since every plan has become a decision not to do a hundred other things, we have become overly focused on what to do next. Traveling from excitement to excitement is a dream, something to strive for and celebrate. But when the excitement of the now is overtaken by the compulsion to plan for the later, we all lose.

Here at Rudder, we have a simple motto: live in the now, plan for the later. Planning is a necessity, and in many cases planning is an amazing part of the journey; we all start living our vacation long before we actually get on the plane through the planning process. But the little decisions… those can be an annoyance. An annoyance that can fill up inboxes with clutter and inconclusiveness and end with a bleh evening sprinkled with passive aggression. An evening during which planning for the next starts upon arrival.  So we put together a simple solution. We call it the Anecdote to Mind-Numbing, Hair-Pulling, Fun-Sponging Indecision. But some super smart branding pros told us that was too long, so we went with Rudder instead. Check it out on the App Store. We think you’ll like it.

Life’s greatest thrill should be the moment in which we are right now. Right this second. So let’s make a pact to immerse ourselves in the moment.  Let’s make awesome plans, let’s have an awesome time, let’s do it together, and, most importantly, let’s love the moment we’re living in.