Get the feedback from the people who matter to you with Rudder

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Everybody needs advice from their closed friends and family on life-changing decisions, but what if you could harness that trusted wisdom for everyday choices like what to wear, where to meet for drinks, or when you friends are available for a Netflix marathon?

Now you can with Rudder!

Rudder is the brand new communication app that lets users get instant feedback on upcoming decisions from their trusted circle of advisors. Simply create a poll from a variety of formats, upload images or input text to illustrate the choices, and then send the poll to any of your contacts for them to vote. Rudder then instantly scores and tabulates the votes in an attractive graphic format so users can see which is the most popular choice and who voted for what. The fun continues after as participants can add their own comments to any poll. 

The latest version of Rudder incorporates some of the most requested features from its user base, including integrated contacts from Facebook, the ability to post poll results to Facebook & Twitter, and a private poll option so you can ask the most personal questions securely!

Rudder is available to download now for free from the Apple iTunes Store for the iPhone. It will run on any device with iOS 7.0 or later.

No need to go with your gut or flip a coin anymore - with Rudder, you can confer with your friends, family and colleagues at anytime and tap into the collective wisdom of the people who truly know you best! Ask. Advise. Decide.

Notes to Editors

Rudder was created by Willie Navarre and Gabe Nadel. For more information contact or visit

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