Best Natural Sleep Aid? Physical Exercise!

Have you ever noticed how after a great workout session you feel tired but really great? You’re satisfied and proud of yourself for taking proper care of your whole body and you know that you’ve done something worthwhile to improve your health. Exercise is clearly important for maintaining your weight and strong muscles, but, it’s got plenty of other benefits as well. Those who exercise regularly are acknowledged to sleep better and move with increased energy during the day. It is not at all hyperbole to identify exercise as the best natural sleep aid of all.

Even though exercising may tire you out at first, it actually provides far more energy in the long run. Here’s how regular exercising helps improve your sleep and provides a lot of energy during the day.

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The Body Needs Regular Exercise

It is necessary to participate in frequent exercise in order to keep a healthy body. Your muscles demand exercise to stay in shape, but, lots of your other systems require it too. Heart health, regularity, and even a sharp mind will depend upon exercise because it helps these systems stay well-oiled and in shape. When exercising is performed on a regular basis, besides all of the immediate benefits, it also permits the body to relax at night and get ready for a sound sleep. In other words, the more you tire yourself out during the day, the more likely you are to have consistently restful sleep at night without the need for chemical sleep aids.

The Energy Crisis

The fast paced lives of everyday people are often the first to be held responsible for the energy crisis running unchecked among people of all ages, teens, young adults, and even seniors. However, the bigger offender may well be a a sedentary lifestyle. If you do not exercise, you allow the body to hold onto the pressure and anxiety of the day. This can lead you to lying awake reliving the day during the night instead of dropping off to sleep, making your time to relax equally as stressful as the day. A simple 30 minute walk, quick session of Yoga, a dip in the pool or perhaps a jog around the block a couple of times within the week are enough. When beneficial exercise is accomplished, it really is the best natural sleep aid, which increases your energy during the day regardless of your busy schedule.

Creating Even More Energy?

As you exercise, endorphins are released in your bloodstream which work to reduce pain and naturally boost your mood. When you exercise you actually start to feel a lot better physically and mentally, allowing you to become more relaxed by the end of the day. These good feelings create a restful and restorative sleep that provides the energy you need to take on your day. Even though everyone gets some type of sleep at night, it is not always relaxing sleep. Some people sleep fitfully, experience significant dreaming, and wake up feeling more tired than they did the night before. This happens because they are most likely not reaching REM sleep or another of the deeper sleep cycles. When you are able to relax enough to experience a deep, restful sleep, you help your body to recover from the physical and mental damage encountered throughout the day. A lot of people who are able to experience deep sleep each night are rested during their days and have plenty of energy to get through even the toughest day.

Better Body, Better Sleep, and More Energy

Once you commit to working out a minimum of 30 minutes a day at least three times each week, you are really committing to feeling better and looking better. Participating in frequent exercise has been shown to provide more energy throughout the day as well as lead to better rest at night. Whether you like going to a gym, exercising at home, or simply taking a walk, you can find some way to include good fitness into your hectic schedule.